Self Directed Support

What is Self Directed Support?

Self Directed Support (SDS) describes the which people in Scotland receive their social care services. People of any age who have identified and agreed health and social care outcomes that warrant the provision of a package of support should be in control of the way these outcomes will be achieved.

SDS includes offers a number of options for getting support. The person’s individual (or personal) budget can be:

  • taken as a Direct Payment (a cash payment)
  • allocated to a provider the individual chooses (sometimes called an individual service fund, where the council or funder, holds the budget, but the person is in charge of how it is spent)
  • or the council can arrange a service.

You have the choice and control over your budget. You can choose a mixture of all 3 for different types of support. The Comhairle are committed to ensuring all eligible residents can access the choice and control that SDS is designed to provide. You can contact the Comhairle to discuss SDS on 01851 822 708 or visit their website.

Self Directed Support Scotland have also compiled a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions which you can access here.

Please watch this video produced by Iriss for a simple and quick explanation of self directed support. 

Self Directed Support - Pick 'n' Mix from Iriss on Vimeo.

For an Easy Read guide to Self Directed Support please click here.

In Control Scotland has produced a range of information for both service users and their carers, as well as professionals about Self Directed Support. You can view short films about people's experiences of SDS as well as accessing a range of resources designed to improve people's knowledge.